System Integration
Carvalho Business Solutions as a system integrator will bring together discrete systems utilizing a variety of techniques such as computer networking, enterprise application integration, business process management or manual programming. For example we can integrate your network, attendance system, printing solutions, internet management, mailing systems, surveillance etc so as you can operate and control all of the systems from a single point.

Website Design & Development
When technology and creativity collaborate the result is a creation of an elegant and professional web design at Carvalho Business Solutions. We expertise in designing your success, product portfolio, services through an impressive web design. Our designers & developers combine knowledge, experience, acumen and talent to produce cutting edge solutions in the field web development. Our static, dynamic, flash website packages comprise of numerous options to successfully meet any type of need that might be there.

Facilities Management System
Carvalho Business Solutions provides a single database to maintain your infrastructure and optimize resource utilization. Your facilities and equipment can be controlled and monitored and their deployment described and tracked. A single point of contact to enable you to take control of the support queries, equipment support so as to enhance production and help out to bring cost-effective decisions.

Field Maintenance Service Engineer (FMS Engg)
For environment which need a minimum amount of down time or for those who need a dedicated support desk, Carvalho Business Solutions can deploy a FMS Engineer on the site so as to provide immediate support. The engineer will be responsible for the entire IT Operations in terms of hardware, network, server etc, he will also audit and maintain the setup so as to get the desired and efficient output. Why Carvalho Business Solutions FMS Engineer
  • Well Trained Engineer
  • In case of critical support emergency backed by other engineers.
  • Replacement Engineer if the resident engineer is not well or unable to report
  • Cost effective

Network Maintenance
Carvalho Business Solutions is available to you to troubleshoot, maintain and inform you on the status of your current network and possible expansions, everything from new security implementation to complete redesign. These services are available on a per call basis or in the form of a service contract. Typical contracts involve, regular network checking, adding and removing of IP's, subnet maintenance, domain setup and maintenance, troubleshooting and resolving of problems on the network, troubleshooting of related hardware attached to the network, setup and changes to security polices, adding and removing of users, implementing filtering and anti-spam solutions. Each contract is customized to your network and your needs. Please feel free to contact us regarding a consultation to ensure that your network is as secure and reliable as you want it to be.

IT Consulting
Are you confused about which technology is critical for your business and what you could live without? When you get dynamic solutions from IT Consulting services you are back in control of your business.
Carvalho Business Solutions can create a simple solution to your IT issues with:
  • Technology Analysis –our seasoned consultants catch any potential faults that might be lurking in your system and design a tailor-made solution for your unique business.
  • Technology Implementation –our competent technicians will implement the perfect IT strategy for your business with thorough analysis and key vendor partnerships providing strength with staying power into future years.
  • Technology Management – a custom IT solution will be offered to meet the needs of your system's security to protect your business from the catastrophes you can't control.
Whether your business is in need of IT outsourcing, IT consulting services, outsourced IT, technical support services, small business server consulting, network consulting, computer security consultants, and information technology consulting services, we've got the solution. Our consultants can develop a technology plan that lets you stop worrying about technology and get back to business. With the help of an IT Consultant, you can rest easy knowing your technology is in good hands.

Server, Desktop & Laptop repairs
Carvalho Business Solutions is a leader in fast and accurate in server, desktop and laptop repairs. Our expertise, constant exposure and continued work with complicated networks and business support has provided us valuable tools and experience to ensure your business or home computer is repaired correctly the first time. In the event of a full operating system reload, we take a serious step forward by backing up and then restoring your important information. The engineers will take the time to make sure you will not lose those priceless & important data that is on your system. We are up front with you on the cost for your repairs, and we stand by them. No hourly charges for computer repair, just a simple reasonable flat rate for the work we perform & at Carvalho Business Solutions we are so confident in our skill and expertise; we offer a maximum price guarantee so there will never be a surprise when you pick up your repaired system. Out team will take necessary time to go above and beyond a typical repair also to ensure your system will be perfect in every way.